Blick zwischen zwei Bäume über eine Wiese auf Schloss Hartenfels
© Wolfgang Sens

Torgau. Home of the Renaissance and Reformation

The presentation on display in the Late Gothic Albrechtsbau at Hartenfels Castle is a joint collaboration between the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD), the municipality of Torgau and the administrative district of North Saxony.

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daily 10—18, Monday closed

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The topic of the presentation represents the essence of the special exhibitions that have been shown in Torgau since 2012. Three rooms explore the topic “The WORD in pictures. Biblical representations on ceremonial weapons”, “The Saxon Gentlemen at Arms” and “Prince-Electoral Weddings in Torgau” although the content and objects vary compared to the previous exhibitions.
A splendid prince-electoral gown made of Italian gold brocade, precious rapiers and richly decorated firearms present the glittering rule of Prince-Elector Johann Georg. I of Saxony (1585/1611-1656) before our eyes.


Schwert mit aufwendig verziertem Griff und Scheide
© SKD, Foto: Jürgen Karpinski
Reitschwert des Kurfürsten Christian I. von Sachsen mit silbernem Gefäß, Wendel unter der Linden, Dresden, um 1580-1591 Rüstkammer

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As a special highlight, works by Torgau goldsmiths from among the holdings of the Grünes Gewölbe are being presented for the first time in the town where they were produced. The enchanting “Torgau Casket”, an Indian mother-of-pearl box, is regarded as a classic example of imported objects embellished by European goldsmiths. Other exotic materials were also converted into artistic objects in imaginative ways. For example, a nautilus shell forms the
hull of a ship intended as a table centrepiece and coral branches adorn the heads of a noble couple.

aufwendig verzierte Schatulle gefüllt mit kleinen Objekten
Perlmutterkassette, sog. Torgaer Apotheke Perlmutterarbeit: wohl Gujarat (Indien), Torgau, um 1600, Grünes Gewölbe

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This hand-picked selection of treasures from the SKD brings back to life the magnificence of the electoral court at Hartenfels Castle in Torgau, a place that is of great architectural significance as well as playing an important role in the history of the Reformation.

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